In the news!

Articles about our class:

Mind/Shift (KQED's blog on education) did a fantastic feature on our class using podcasts in the classroom.

The article was about Serial, not us, but we were mentioned in the The Wall Street Journal.

Matt Collette wrote a great article about our actual class ("To Download or Not to Download") on

The same A different article in Spanish (It looked the same to me) at

On the French version of Slate! (A new article, but written in French).

The local New Times featured us in their Arts section with a well-written full-page article. It was in this article where I was quoted as saying "real people are flat" which was only slightly taken out of context.

"Embrace the Core" re-published Matt's article a few days later.

I was mentioned in an article on "Yahoo!"

I was quoted at the end of a New Times article about our district's movement toward standards-based grading.

Videos of our class in the news: interviewed our class for about a half hour, and did a really fun feature on us.

Websites that re-published posts from this blog:

Quartz re-published "Why I'm teaching Serial."

TES Connect ("the world's largest network of teachers") re-published "Why I'm teaching Serial"

Quartz republished "Sorry, Adults..."

Mentioned in other blogs:

The Shakespeare Standard playfully bemoans my blog ("O What Learning is!") on their newsletter.

Joanne Jacobs' Linking and thinking in Education links to the article and points out that the kids "aren't actually reading" (which isn't completely true -- we do a close reading of certain excerpts -- but I see her point).

Tom had a lot to say about my post at "Beyond the Joshua Tree"

My own articles for The Atlantic:

"The Wisdom Deficit in Schools": I reflect on how modern education standards have emphasized skills over the wisdom that comes from literature.

"School is About More than Training Kids to Be Adults": I look at how kids still "aren't that into adults" and how this will affect our noble aspirations to prepare them to be "college and career ready."

"Why I'm a Public-school Teacher but a Private-school Parent": This was an assignment from The Atlantic and it's intentionally a little "click-baity," but it's an authentic look at the importance of students "buying in" to their education.

"The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher": A look at how the Internet is pushing the teacher into a role of facilitator, if the teacher gets to keep doing that. Ultimately, it asks for us to draw the line between the Internet helping the teacher, and the teacher facilitating the lessons of large organizations.

On TV:

On Al-Jazeera's TV show "The Stream" (with a reach of 80 million homes), I talk on a panel with Sugata Mitra and two others about the future of the classroom.

On the radio:

On 89.3 KPCC's "Take Two" show, I discuss my article about public and private schools, and the reasons one might choose one type of school over another.

Other scholarly articles

I wrote a chapter in a book about D.H. Lawrence titled Like a Black and White Kaleidoscope Tossed at Random. The chapter, which you can see in the table of contents of Google Books, is titled "Nothing but Complements: The perpendicular relationship of Birkin and Gerald."

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