Monday, December 14, 2015

Serial 2 DUSTWUN lesson plans are now available!

Thanks to the help of my talented wife Melissa, the lesson plans for the first episode of Serial (Season 2) are now available.

The unit contains 42 pages that include 6 exercises, a quiz, printable worksheets, vocabulary words, and engaging prompts. Best of all, there are lots of timestamps so you can keep track of key scenes, vocabulary words, naughty words (there are two little ones), and the general form of Sarah Koenig's storytelling.

Feel free to send me reactions, comments, or ideas for improvement. Otherwise, enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Serial (Season 2) Lesson Plans

Yes, I was up early this morning and I've already heard the first episode of Serial (Season 2) twice.

Yes, it's great -- it's hard to remember exactly how excited I was about the first episode of the first season, but right now I feel like I like this season more.

And yes, there will be lesson plans published, and hopefully soon. The vocab lessons are prepared, the quick-write prompts are ready, and there are plans for exercises on connotation and narrative form. I'll announce as soon as they're ready!